About Me

I knew from very early on that I wanted to work in sports – probably around the time that I realized I wasn’t going to be a professional athlete.  As a kid, I played, watched and dissected everything to do with sports and after a job-shadowing stint with the Kamloops Blazers General Manager, I knew I wanted to work behind the scenes of a sports organization.

Next up was the University of Alberta where I partied, slept in, and procrastinated my way through, but ultimately grew up in time to complete my Bachelor of Commerce degree.  Still nowhere near the sports industry, I enrolled in an Entertainment Business Management (EBM) program at the Art Institute of Burnaby, BC, which led me to my first sports gig:  I was the Marketing Assistant for the Vancouver Canucks until that fateful lockout season of 2004-05.  During that time, I also worked on a breakaway internet saga, Broken Saints, where I helped them acquire Telefilm Canada funding.  If that wasn’t enough (hey, you gotta get out there when starting your career), I started teaching a Sports Business course at Vancouver Film School as part of their EBM program.

Finally, a role with the FIFA U-20 World Cup bid committee led me to my current employer, Vancouver Whitecaps FC.  Although currently I am the Manager of Marketing & New Media, I have been fortunate to involve myself in a number of functions, such as writing for the website, color commentary and even a few mascot appearances.

That is the basis of this blog: me, my life in the sports industry, my thoughts on this sport of soccer, and my thoughts on everything else.  Probably in that order.

Oh and I love foosball, hence the name of the blog.


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23 02 2009

Hello bro …

Can you say hello to my best friend ” MARLON ALEX JAMES ” ..

We really miss them , after he join Whitecaps .. my team very poor to play football in MSL Malaysia.

I hope marlon can best striker in whitecaps ..

Thanks .

30 03 2009
Andrew Cooke

You took an interesting career path to where you are now as Manager of Marketing and New Media for Whitecaps FC. As I will soon be embarking on my own career path I always find it helpful to see what other people have done to get to where they envisioned.

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