Welcome to the Major Leagues

19 03 2009

That was how Jeff Mallett ended his brief introduction to the staff on Wednesday morning. Jeff, of course, is an owner of the newly announced Major League Soccer franchise here in Vancouver for 2011. I had not had the chance to meet him – in fact I still haven’t officially met him, as I always seemed to miss him as I was running around ensuring the announcement went off alright. But at 9:00 a.m. yesterday morning he introduced himself to the staff and said those five words that meant so much.

My first impressions of Jeff are that he’s very personable, quick on his feet and witty. He has that ‘Canadianess’ to him, in that he’s modest and easy going. I think the entire staff appreciated his candor when he offered some personal anecdotes about the ownership team and the hours leading up to the contract being signed.

Later that morning, he gave a speech at the press conference where he compared the ownership group to the Beatles. I love the comparisons of Kerfoot to Lennon and Nash to McCartney. I haven’t met Luczo yet so will reserve my judgment on his George Harrison comparison!

Finally, that evening, when we celebrated the achievement at the Shark Club downtown, he had another speech to give. Coming immediately after a rousing chant of ‘he’s a Yahoo’ from the Southsiders in attendance, I think it would be difficult for anyone to stay on point.  But Jeff came through with flying colors.  There’s never been a doubt as to Kerfoot’s dedication to the club and sport, but I think it’s clear the same can be said for Jeff as well.

Welcome to the Major Leagues, indeed. And welcome home Jeff!




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