Champions League Tuesday

10 03 2009

Talk about a few big statements today.  I’m not sure who was most impressive: Liverpool or Bayern Munich.

Bayern were entering their 2nd leg against Sporting Lisbon ahead 5-0.  So you’d think they would take it easy, maybe rest some starters?  Nope.  They did even better – winning 7-1 for a phenomenal 12-1 aggregate score.  Someone tell Sporting not to come back to the Champions League until they are ready to compete.

And over at Anfield, Liverpool had a precarious 1-0 advantage after the first leg.  As is typical with Rafa’s side, I expected a ‘play it safe’ approach and perhaps even a nervous 0-0 match.  But Liverpool came out like gang busters.  They were up 2-0 after the first 30, although both goals were on questionable calls or non-calls.  I felt bad for Gabby Heinze, who played his ass off.  Madrid even showed some fight, owning the last 15 minutes of the first half and forcing Pepe Reina to make some big stops.

But in the second half, it was all Liverpool, as Madrid looked eager to go home.  Two more goals, a 4-0 victory and 5-0 in aggregate.  Despite their domestic troubles, Liverpool’s status as Champions League gamers is still alive and well, thank you very much.  Gerrard was the hero as always.  But Reina was brilliant when he had to be.  Torres was on form early.  Carragher was his usual steady self.  And Bable may have earned some more playing time, at least until Benayoun is back.

If tomorrow is half as good as today, we are in for a treat of a hump day!




One response

10 03 2009

thought you’d like that result, i switched over to the chelsea juventus match at half-time, was a little more nailbiting.

Thanks for knocking off Real Madrid tho, as a Barca fan im always happy when they lose

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