Major League Blunder

27 02 2009

Allow me a rant on a sport that is far removed from the lovely game of football. It seems this whole steroid scandal never goes away. Alex Rodriguez is the latest victim and now his place in history will forever be questioned.

What sickens me is how Bud Selig, league commissioner, has completely weaseled his way out of any sort of blame for what occurred in the 90’s. Clearly the use of steroids was rampant; this we know. So it has to be assumed that league officials had some sense of it and decided to turn a blind eye. And there is further evidence to support this when you consider the MLB was climbing out of a work stoppage that canceled a World Series, so they needed any sort of boost in viewership they could get.

But regardless, even if they were completely ignorant of what was occurring, they still have no basis to throw their athletes under the bus like this. There were no rules about steroid use in MLB at the time. Period. The league cannot begin to discuss things like suspensions and hall of fame eligibility when it didn’t have rules in place expressly forbidding certain substances.

Now I’m not saying that the players aren’t at fault as well. Clearly there is a lack of morality amongst the game’s best ambassadors. But remember that baseball is an environment where athletes are paid to perform. They have a limited amount of time to make millions of dollars and be set for life. Freak injuries can come into play as well as a whole host of other things. So the environment is ripe for finding every possible advantage, unless you put systems in place to protect the players from themselves. And that is the ultimate failure in judgment in all of this: the league failed to put systems in place to protect the players from themselves.




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