My Saturday Morning Ritual

7 02 2009

It’s taken over half the EPL season, but I’m finally settling into a nice little Saturday morning routine.

So long as Friday night doesn’t lead too deeply into Saturday morning, I wake up around 7am to watch the featured match on Sportsnet. I then figure out how I’m going to watch Liverpool. Sometimes I find a feed online, sometimes I head over to a friend’s house (who has Setanta). I haven’t yet gone to G-Sport or joined up with the LFC Vancouver Supporters Club, but I really should at some point. But anyway, while enjoying some good prem league action, I fire up the laptop and work away on some Whitecaps stuff. It’s a good time of the week to get some work done. I have a clear head, I’m relaxed and comfortable, and I can focus on some things that inevitably get pushed aside throughout the week. For example, I usually post a comment or question on the Southsider’s board and then spend the next few days reading their comments and responding. I’ll also clean out my inbox, inevitably recovering an important email that I had completely neglected.

So I hope this little ritual can continue. It makes for a nice ‘my time’ and doesn’t feel like work. Of course, I work in sports, so very little of my work feels like work!

Happy Saturday to you.




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