Fun with my iPhone camera

4 02 2009

Ok, time for an assortment of pics I’ve taken over the last few weeks.

view from my desk

this is our printer on Monday after a certain someone caused the toner to explode

quite the explosion

I love this ad for Crashed Ice

This was in the washroom at GM Place (I know, it’s probably weird of me to be taking pictures in a bathroom).  If content is crucial, maybe you should replace your ads with the current Canucks jersey and colors?

This one just seems dumb to me and I don’t know if I actually get it.  Are those pins?

Old Whitecaps mirror at a pub I went to on east Hastings

Does this one need a comment?

Really?  Soap can be organic?  I’m skeptical.

What a fun winter it was

Waldo and Nate at the office




One response

6 02 2009

Question: Isn’t soap a good thing without it being organic? Unless you’re washing someone’s mouth out with soap I guess!
Willworkforfoos: What a great website! Good on you Ryan!

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