Liverpool 2 – Chelsea 0

1 02 2009

Gutsy effort by Liverpool today. They were very fortunate to have Wank sent off with a straight red but there were questionable calls both ways (don’t get me wrong, however, that was the biggest). Benayoun blatantly getting kicked in the back and no action from the ref is one example.

But int he end, Liverpool got the three points. This season they are finally proving capable of beating the top clubs but it’s the middling clubs the continue to underestimate. And that falls squarely on the shoulders of Rafa Benitez. Several points have been squandered because he tries to play it safe against these clubs, as if his more talented side on paper will win out. His lack of confidence in Keane is inexcusable, considering the forward has not seen consistent minutes all season (and yet has 3 goals in his last 3 starts). I want him to stay and get minutes but Rafa seems intent on one striker formations. I thought this would be the year the philosophy changes but nope: Rafa’s passivity is the sword upon which he chooses to die.

Overall, Hopefully this is the boost the Reds need to continue their pressure on United. If Keane is to be transferred I can only hope there is talent coming back because it’s going to be a gruelling couple months ahead. Don’t bother looking for a striker because Rafa won’t play him anyway (plus he’d much rather bring Babel on in key moments and watch him look for his own stats). Perhaps another central mid to allow Gerrard to play even more advanced than he is and give him and Alonso proper relief. Hmmm, maybe a Gareth Barry type?




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