Attack of the funny

8 01 2009

You gotta love the Internet.  Analysts and Marketing gurus praise the web for redefining the producer-consumer relationship.  In cyberspace, consumers have much more opportunity to influence a particular brand or create a new definition entirely.  A place like Wikipedia is the mothership of all of this.   But websites everywhere are putting power in the hands of their consumers and hoping they become evangelists for the product.

And don’t get me wrong – I love this stuff.  Product reviews, peer journalism – it’s all for the betterment of society.  But sometimes things can go awry (by the way, I only started pronouncing ‘awry’ properly like 4 years ago.  Before that I thought it was the same pronunciation as the last name of Robert Horry.  True story).  And while I’m not in favor of hackers messing up websites for the fun of it, some well-played humour can be just what we need to remember not to take everything at face value.

Here’s a great example.  Have a read of this guy’s Amazon book reviews.  Hillarious stuff.  You have to appreciate the effort, wit and intelligence this guy put into these entries.  I only hope Amazon doesn’t take them down, like big wig corporations are apt to do.




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