Thank you Apple and Stop Podcasting Yourself

7 01 2009

Thanks to a recent development, my iPhone has become even cooler.  And I’m not talking about their removal of DRM from their songs and new pricing model, which is very cool (and long overdue).  You can now surf your iTunes using the 3G network.  Previously, you could only use a wifi connection.  That was fine if you were sitting in a location with a wifi network nearby.  But what if you’re on the bus, or jogging, or riding your bike?  Thanks to this new development, you are always linked in to iTunes.

Now you may ask why it is so important to purchase songs while in transit.  Well, it’s not for that.  The best aspect is the podcasts.  With the 3G network you can listen to any podcast at any time, almost like a radio station.  Best of all, you don’t have the annoying process with regular iTunes of subscribing to the podcast, downloading the latest one, and then syncing your iPod.  As I said, it’s more like a radio station now – just click on the one you want and it starts playing.

The point I’m getting at, is that I now have more opportunity to listen to podcasts, which is a very good thing.  Whether I want to catch up on the news, listen to insightful commentary on popular topics or just hear people goofing around and trying to keep me entertained, I now have this at my fingertips.  The lesson as always?  The novelty of an iPhone never falls off, because it is constantly improving and adding better features and applications.

Which brings me to my podcast du jour.  Stop Podcasting Yourself is produced by a couple of local comedians/actors, Dave Shumka and Graham Clark.  I have a few friends in the stand-up comedy scene, so I’ve probably seen every Vancouver stand-up comedian perform several times over.  Graham Clark in particular is one of my favourites, with a slurred-silly-stoner delivery that I can connect with.

The podcast basically involves the two hosts and a guest in the film/tv/stage/stand-up industry talking for well over an hour.  That the range of topics falls upon tangent after tangent is an understatement.  It’s like taking the game 6-degrees of Kevin Bacon and turning into 73 degrees of pop culture and random thoughts.  In fact, their website that hosts their podcasts give you a good sense of this, as every podcast link is accompanied by a bunch of random images taken from the web that depict the comedic highlights of the show.

Alright, enough explanation.  It’s a good listen, so long as you’re up to this sort of thing.  Amidst the jokes and rambling is a some pretty witty observations about life, pop culture and anything else under the sun.  And the fact that it’s local and I’ve seen these guys around and I don’t have to pretend to understand what I’m hearing makes it a rather joyous experience.  In short, it’s perfect for morning commuting when you just want to hear some entertaining witty rambling to kick start your brain and give you a relatively pleasant outlook on the day ahead.  If you’re a supporter of local comedy like I am, you’ll like Stop Podcasting Yourself.




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