Monday Memo

5 01 2009

Alright, I’m back from my holiday slumber.  No time to ease into things.  We have a big year ahead at Whitecaps Central and things are picking up already.  So as I comb through my emails and voicemails, I’m also checking out various lists.  You see, this is the perfect time of year for list lovers.  Every late December, websites come out with their ‘______ of 200_’ list.   Here’s some of my favs:

Top 10 goals of 2008 – the number one goals does it for me.  Wow, what a shot.  Steven Gerrard-esque.

Top soccer skill moves of 2008 – it’s a bit dizzying to watch, but pretty amazing what these guys can do at such a high speed (even if you have to put up with seeing Ronaldo in here a bunch of times)

Best and worst ads of 2008 – Nice compilation by the Washington Post.  Anyone that knocks Microsoft and praises Apple is alright in my books.

Top 10 media blunders of 2008 – Most of these are political-based and American, but still a fun read for anyone that works in or around the media industry.

Best and worst youth targeted ads – Not a lot here, but I’m glad they give kudos to Obama who really set the bar in youth targeting.




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