The Monday Memo

15 12 2008

What I’m listening to: I have to admit, I bought Common’s album as soon as it came out, but I’ve hardly had a chance to listen to it.  I was in a nice music buying and listening mode through November but it’s slowed down a little now.  Anyway, his album didn’t get the best review in Rolling Stone, but what little I have listened to is decent (slightly edgier though less thoughtful).  Here’s the single, Announcement.

What site I’m visiting: check out  It’s essentially user generated video clips on how to do just about anything.  It’s a pretty cool concept and you’ll find both useful and downright strange things on there.  Be careful, it’s pretty addictive.

What football clip has me shaking my head: We all know Wayne Rooney has a temper, but this series of events had to be punished.  The fact that UEFA chose not to suspend him is deplorable.  Have a look.

What article is making me shake my head: I appreciate NBA commish David Stern admitting they blew it in Vancouver with regard to the Grizzlies franchise.  But to then say that he doesn’t think they can come back to Vancouver is a complete stomach punch.  I’m still holding out hope.  We need a second chance.




One response

16 12 2008
Sarah Vilay

Wow, cu dos to you for holding out hope. I will too. And as for Memphis…how on earth can a city known for Elvis Presley build a team to be big in the NBA. It just doesn’t make sense..where as Vancouver, a larger crowd would be at every game…and the city(but mostly province) is known for sports/great athletes.

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