Serving Sizes

2 12 2008

Gatorade G2 CanadaI hate misleading marketing.  In fact, I will likely use this blog in the future to vent my frustrations at lazy, misguided or deceiving ads.  Some make me angry, while others just make me laugh.

Serving sizes are being abused and one of the biggest culprits is Gatorade.  They have this new G2 drink that states in big letters on the bottle – 30 CALORIES.  The catch?  Well that’s per serving size.  And the serving size is 250 ml.  But it’s a freakin bottle that’s 591 ml!  Who buys a bottle of juice or pop or whatever, drinks half and then saves the rest for another proper ‘serving’ time?  Gimme a break.

Now I’m usually a big fan of Gatorade.  It has been a godsend over the years, particularly on Saturday and/or Sunday mornings when I’m particularly, um, dehydrated.  But things like this just make me want to boycott the brand.  Why not just say what you are – 70 calories or whatever it works out to – and stand behind your product?




One response

8 12 2008
Sarah Vilay

it’s funny because the newest “100” calorie serving sizes for all the snack items are still more than 60-70 calories that this drink would be….

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