Bad boy Gerrard

31 12 2008

Well if you haven’t heard already (and if you haven’t, you could simply look on my facebook wall and see the numerous ribbings from my friends), the great Steven Gerrard has been charged with assault over an altercation with a DJ at a lounge. The incident came hours after Liverpool defeated Newcastle 5-1 with Gerrard, scoring two goals.

Not a whole lot has been released about what happened and who was at fault, so I can’t really speculate on that. But I can say that being a famous athlete must be difficult. There is always a chance of an altercation at a bar, especially amongst men. I was at a pub last night to watch the Canucks game and a scrap almost broke out right beside me. Famous people probably get targeted even more than the average person. More importantly, the urge to fight or defend oneself doesn’t go away no matter how famous you become. So you end up seeing situations where things escalate between an athlete and another person, a fight ensues, and then the athlete takes the PR hit.

Furthermore, assault to me has always been a shady charge. In any altercation I have been in or around, both sides are pretty much equally at fault and are entering the fight bearing the same amount of risk. Again, I don’t know the particulars of the incident, but these two points come to mind.

On that note, have a safe and happy new year’s evening. I hope 2008 was a good one for you and 2009 is even better.



23 12 2008

Last night I won my fantasy NFL pool (and $180) by .4 points.  The loser?  Tom Tompkins, Whitecaps Senior Account Manager.

I left a bunch of  “.4” signage all over his desk and facebook profile today and included this voice message for when he comes back to work.

Ahh, fantasy sports is fun.seahawks

Friday Fantasy Forecast

19 12 2008

Marlon King – Hull City have secured points in their last five matches, most recently a draw against Liverpool, and King has been a big factor in their success of late.  With two goals and an assist in his last three, he’s heating up at the right time, as big matches against Manchester City, Aston Villa and Arsenal are coming up.

Michael Owen – Owen seems to be finding his form back from injury with four straight 90 minute showings.  A pair of goals against Stoke two weeks ago and a goal last week versus Pompey suggests he’s heating up.  There’s always a chance of injury with him, but when he gets on a roll, he’s one of the best in the league.

Blackburn Forwards – Blackburn have sacked Paul Ince and replaced him with Sam Allardyce in another round of manager musical chairs.  Teams always respond to a new manager and Rovers will enjoy playing for Big Sam.  I still see problems on defense, but upfront I expect a return to form for both Roque Santa Cruz and Benny McCarthy.  These guys are just too talented to remain at the bottom and have a reasonable schedule for the next month or two, so buy low now.

Whitecaps everywhere

18 12 2008

I find Whitecaps logos in the strangest of places. This one is at McCloskey Elementary in North Delta (I was watching my nephew’s Christmas concert).

Wasn’t that a party

18 12 2008

In anticipation of the Whitecaps Christmas party tomorrow night, here’s a great article about Premier League parties gone awry.

Photos o’ the day

18 12 2008

Just a couple of random pics for today:


Is it just me or is there a resemblance here?

Here’s the view out my window.  Despite it being uncharacteristically cold, Vancouver never ceases to be a beautiful place to live.

Can anybody tell me what this is?  It’s made by Samsung and I have three of them.  They were in a free promo bag that I received in the summer.  But I have no idea what this thing does.  I’m tempted to even email Samsung and ask them.

The Monday Memo

15 12 2008

What I’m listening to: I have to admit, I bought Common’s album as soon as it came out, but I’ve hardly had a chance to listen to it.  I was in a nice music buying and listening mode through November but it’s slowed down a little now.  Anyway, his album didn’t get the best review in Rolling Stone, but what little I have listened to is decent (slightly edgier though less thoughtful).  Here’s the single, Announcement.

What site I’m visiting: check out  It’s essentially user generated video clips on how to do just about anything.  It’s a pretty cool concept and you’ll find both useful and downright strange things on there.  Be careful, it’s pretty addictive.

What football clip has me shaking my head: We all know Wayne Rooney has a temper, but this series of events had to be punished.  The fact that UEFA chose not to suspend him is deplorable.  Have a look.

What article is making me shake my head: I appreciate NBA commish David Stern admitting they blew it in Vancouver with regard to the Grizzlies franchise.  But to then say that he doesn’t think they can come back to Vancouver is a complete stomach punch.  I’m still holding out hope.  We need a second chance.