iPhone App – EPL Live

27 11 2008

I have a problem.  I’m addicted to my iPhone.  I can’t be without it.  When I actually think about the amount of things I use it for, I wonder how I ever lived without it.  I phone and text people.  I check work email and respond to people.  I update this blog.  I check sports scores and my fantasy lineup.  I look up directions to places and map my way there with the GPS.  I track my distance covered and average speed when I bike to work.  I check the weather to determine what I need to wear for that bike ride to work.  I take pictures of friends or my ever-growing mustache.  I listen to music when at the gym, at my desk or riding to work.  I play Scrabble when I’m sitting on the couch at home relaxing.  I entertain my neices and nephews with all the crazy applications and games it has.  And those are just the main things I do.  The best part of it all is that more applications are being added every day and so the benefits just keep getting better and better.

Take this app, for example.  EPL Live! allows you to keep track of all EPL matches, with live scores, stats, standings, lineups, tactics and commentary.  Best of all, it’s only a one-time fee of $4.95 and you’ve got it forever. Here’s the link for more info.

Of course, nothing beats seeing the match live and witnessing another sublime Steven Gerrard goal.  But, hey, it’s probably the next best thing!

(And if you think I conjured up a blog entry about an iPhone app just so I could link to a glorious Stevie G goal, well you know me too well)




One response

11 01 2009

Have you tried My Football? It gives you the same thing as EPL Live but for all leagues: spain, Italy, France, Germany, UK, World cup, Champion leagues, etc. Best of all just for $3.99. Check it out and let me know what you think

PS: I smell Liverpool all aver you. I think Frank Lampard is better than Steven G.

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