Fantasy Football Forecast

21 11 2008

Antonio Valencia (Wigan) – coming off of two draws and a victory at Portsmouth this month, Wigan are starting to show the form that will keep them in the top flight for another season.  Amr Zaki has been a revelation thus far, but both he and Emile Heskey are doubtful with injuries.  That should open the door for Henri Camara, who saw his first full 90 minutes of the season last week.  But I’m going with Valencia, who already has two goals this year and should have free reign to push forward this weekend.

Dirk Kuyt (Liverpool) – Dirk has been an unsung hero for the Reds’ title hopes and has five goals already.  One might think that with Torres’ return, his opportunities will dry up.  But Kuyt displays just the work rate that will keep him in the heart of the action.  He’s able to slip into the seams created by all the attention given to Steven Gerrard and Torres and now displays the confidence to put his chances away.

Christiano Ronaldo (Manchester United) – This may seem obvious, but after an early season injury, he’s just now rounding into form.  If you need an absolute fantasy star on your roster, you need to grab him now before he’s too expensive.




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