Sebrango a-go-go

12 11 2008

In case you haven’t heard, ‘Caps MVP Eddie Sebrango is heading back to Montreal.  Eddie was the heart and soul of this team and played with a passion that spread throughout the organization.  You couldn’t watch him play and not be inspired by his heart.  And ultimately, it’s his heart that is taking him away from Vancouver.  While he loved the city and organization, his desire to be closer to his two kids in Kingston, Ontario, trumped all.

I’m always an optimistic, silver lining kind of guy and I’m feeling okay with this move.  We were needing to develop our younger forwards anyway, and this presents a golden opportunity for someone like Randy Edwini-Bonsu or Dever Orgill.  Plus, you can’t really be too upset when someone makes a decision that’s best for their family or personal situation.

I will miss mostly the cheerfulness and candor that he displayed to everyone inside and outside the organization.  But what I will remember most is the photos he produced.  My philosophy as it relates to our marketing efforts has always been to capture the raw emotion of soccer.  There are no helmets or pads in soccer, so a player’s emotions are right there for all to see.  That’s what makes the sports so special and that’s why it grabs people.  And Eddie was the best at displaying those emotions.  I loved his aerial acrobatics after scoring a goal.  And I loved when he would fail to score and hold his hands against his head and look up at the sky.  Sure, that was a failed opportunity, but it was also a very real and sincere moment in the sport.  It was that essence that we tried to capture in much of our advertising and website photos.  He gave us real emotion and let fans in to how he was feeling for a full 90 minutes.

So, to Eddie: we’ll miss you and we wish you the best.  No doubt you’ll receive a thunderous cheer upon your first visit back to Swangard.




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