12 11 2008

I’m back from another week of vacation.  I suppose it wasn’t all too wise to start a blog shortly before taking two separate one-week vacations.  But taking any time off during the season is a tough proposition, so I had a bunch of time to use up by the end of the year.  I’m actually excited to be back into the swing of things.  There are a number of projects I want/need to get moving on, and I now feel fully recharged and in the right headspace.

But the first day back is always tough.  Last night I spent an hour or two sifting through emails to ease the transition.  That was probably the best thing I could’ve done because I would’ve felt overwhelmed this morning.  Instead, I had a clear head, knowing what I was in for.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s been an easy morning.  In the final hours before my vacation commenced last week, I discovered that the sales brochures we have designed are not the correct size and thus don’t properly fit into a #10 envelope.  This is a big problem as it will either slow down our season ticket push immensely or cause us to incur unneeded costs.  I have a meeting with the parties involved this morning to not only ascertain what went wrong but also figure out the quickest solution to this mess.  I probably should have been more on top of it throughout the process, but such is the case when you take vacation – things slip through the cracks.




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