Where is The Champ?

3 11 2008
Boxer or curler?

Boxer or curler?

I was fumbling around ticketmaster.ca when I noticed this image for the 2008 Brier tournament.  For those of you unaware, the Brier is the major men’s curling championship tournament in this country.  The tournament has done a great job of bringing in larger sponsors and better television deals over the years and has seen growth in attendance during that time.  It still struggles with attracting the mainstream sports fan and this might just be the campaign to do it.

I suppose purists would say using another sports’ imagery to promote another is sheer blasphemy, but I like the Brier’s courage in thinking outside of the box.  It certainly grabbed my attention and I expect it would for boxing and MMA fans as well.  Plus, after I realized that he was actually holding to curling stones, I spent another several seconds staring at it and appreciating that it had grabbed me.

Now maybe it’s because I work in marketing, but I notice this stuff all the time and appreciate a well-thought out campaign.  I don’t know if this is a campaign per se, but it certainly should be.  I did a quick google search for ‘Brier’ and ‘The Champ’ and hunted around on the Brier’s and TSN’s (the broadcaster) website.  To my dismay, I couldn’t find this image anywhere else.  It’s a shame, because with a well-targeted distribution mix, this campaign could have delivered the knockout punch!




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