EPL midweek

30 10 2008

Nice to see Liverpool eke one out against Portsmouth. Pompey have a tremendous and still somewhat underrated defense and they seemed to seal up open spaces pretty quickly. But Liverpool are almost like a boa constrictor, in that they slowly exert more and more pressure as the game wears on. Their penchant for late-game goals is less a matter of heroicism and more a matter of style, as Rafa prefers a tight, defensive battle and continual pressure.

The match of the day, however, has to be Arsenal 4 – Tottenham 4. What a derby! After Bentley scored on a great shot from 35 yards out, it was pretty much all Arsenal the rest of the way. With 3-1 and 4-2 leads, it seemed yet another hapless loss for Spurs was in the offing. But Spurs scored two tremendous goals in the final minutes and new skipper ‘Arry Redknapp escaped with something to build on for the lowly squad. The full highlights are here. Next up for Mr. Redknapp – table topper Liverpool. Should be for an interesting matchup.




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