Back to reality

27 10 2008

Alright.  After a nice little getaway, I’m back at work feeling refreshed and ready to take on the slow season!  Well, it’s not really that slow.  A lot of people ask me what happens in the offseason of a sports team.  I get a lot of people wondering if everyone is laid off.  Well, just like many businesses, we have a seasonal and cyclical business cycle.  So although the next few months will be an opportunity for staff to use up their accrued vacation and flex time, there is still much in the way of planning, researching and budgeting.

Personally, I like this time of year, because things aren’t quite as hectic and there is much more of what I call ‘think time’.  During the season, there is no ‘think time’, only ‘do time’.  Actually, scratch that: there is think time during the season, just that it happens as you are laying in bed at night, commuting home from work, or sitting down to watch a movie!

But now that we are into full offseason mode, it’s nice to be able to pursue projects with a longer turnaround than ‘Saturday, 7pm, Swangard’.  Some of highlights/plans I have for the coming weeks include:

– Understanding supporters clubs better, including their motivations, how they operate and grow, etc.

– Establishing the Whitecaps Foundation as a brand, including website launch and marketing material development

– Digging into our research data to better understand our fanbase

– Reviewing and researching our advertising spend and better aligning our 2009 advertising to meet our organizational goals

– Establishing a better internal system for marketing material development and budget reconciliation

– Continuing to develop and grow this blog (ie. Create an identity – what am I trying to say with this thing?)

There are countless other tasks to do, but these ones are on my mind at the moment.  Sound like fun??  Well, maybe not for you, but I’m very much looking forward to the next few months.  As for this blog, I plan to write about these things as I struggle through them and hopefully give you a sense of what I do and what our organization endevours.  But it won’t just be about day-to-day work.  I’m a soccer fan and a sports fan, true and true, and so there will be plenty of random posts that highlight news from the beautiful game.

Alright back to work!




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