Top o’ the table to ye

27 10 2008

My beloved Liverpool made a giant statement of their intentions to battle for the league table this season, with a deserved 1-0 victory at Stamford Bridge.

What makes this start so improbably for the Reds is the way in which they’ve tallied their victories. Fernando Torres has been brilliant when fit, but he’s missed 3 matches already. Robbie Keane’s work rate will never be questioned, but he has failed to score in league play thus far. Even the incomparable Steven Gerrard has been plagued by injury woes for much of the season and only has one tally to his credit.

But after a few years of Champions League success, Rafa’s squad are starting to bring that clutch play in Europe over to the Prem. Late comebacks against ‘Boro, Man City and Wigan have been inspiring, despite not always showing their best form. And for once, the team looks mentally strong enough to stand up to United and Chelsea, evidenced by their convincing wins in both teams’ parks.

It is still far too early to get excited, but most seasons, Liverpool are trying to climb back into the top 4 after a slow start. With world class goalkeeping, a defense that is arguably the best in the league (and wait until we get Skrtel back) and timely contributions up front (Kuyt has been tranformed), this team is finally starting to demonstrate those vital intangibles.

Of course, Liverpool aren’t the only surprises at the top of the table in Europe.




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