Match photos

12 10 2008

Andrew with his new toy. Very cool.

Southsiders prematch party, way off in the distance.

These are the boxes that held the top secret ‘Whitecaps 2008 Champions’ t-shirts. They were only going to be sold if we won. Apparently, they sold in minutes.

This was the other shirt made up for this event – one that we could sell prior to the match.

Eager fans lining up with still about 30 minutes until the gates open.

A little quiet time for players to relax, focus.

Puerto Rico have arrived

Clearly, whatever this physiotherapist was doing to Charles Gbeke worked.

A few Puerto Rico fans. They had a nice little group of maybe a dozen or so together, complete with flags, drums and other noisemakers. Good on them – they provided some great atmosphere to the game.

Pre-match party in the park with the Southsiders.

Gates are open and people are flocking to the merch booth.

Southsiders during warmups. Note: I tried to record some of their chants but it didn’t seem to work. I’m still learning my Iphone and its gazillion applications.

Ah, the trophy. I remember you from Rochester in ’06.

Anna doing her best to keep the kids warm and entertained.

I had the best seat in the house!

Halftime: 0-0.

First goal!

Full time! We won!!

The players marched around the field shaking hands with the fans. The trophy presenters just waited patiently.

Southsiders pour onto the pitch

Players receiving their medals

All the fans from the east and south sides lined up on the field. It was very ‘Canadian-like’. They rushed onto the pitch, but politely assembled in a line to watch the festivities from a reasonable distance.

See what I mean?

Trophy presentation

Unfortunately, I couldn’t move around to the front because I had to keep my headset on and communicate back to the Fox truck.

Some post-match interviews, as fans continue to inch closer.

This is what the post-match felt like to me.  And come to think of it, this is what the rest of the night felt like too (sorry, no pictures of that part!).




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16 10 2008
Pamela Melson

You took great pictures. Thanks

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