Thanksgiving Sunday

5 10 2008

Words cannot describe how excited I am for the final. In case you missed it, we hung on for a 2-0 win. Catch the highlights on It was pretty frantic at the end but we hung on. The players were ecstatic. But the best was yet up come…

I was in the concourse talking to some Southsiders when word came out that we’d be hosting the final. The concourse erupted and apparently the men’s dressing room went wild. Everybody was beaming. I went to Rochester for the 06 final and I was really going to be bummed if I couldn’t be there for this year’s final. But oh will I be there!

I’m now at the Canucks game and I can’t stop thinking about the week ahead. How are we going to get the word out? How are we going to ensure the place is packed and cheering our boys on? I have a feeling I won’t be sleeping a whole lot tonight.

One last thought as the people around me keep giving me dirty looks because I’m in a suit, punching away at my iPhone and oblivious to the action on the ice. I loved the way our fans represented tonight. It was cold and some droplets fell periodically. But they were loud and proud. At the Canucks game here, I just witnessed ex-Canuck Brendan Morrison score for Anaheim. The fans booed him upon scoring the goal. Then when the jumbotron showed him on the bench there was token applause. Finally, when the stadium announcer announced Morrison as the goal scorer, the building burst into cheer. Well, I’m not here to knock other fans but I’m quite certain that had Donatelli or Gjertsen scored today against the Caps, our fans wouldn’t have been as bipolar.




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