Halftime: 2-0

30 09 2008

I only have about five minutes to post as I’m sitting on a bench at halftime of the Whitecaps – Impact second leg semifinal. I’m ‘red hat’ for the match which means I get to sit on the sideline and communicate aspects of the match back to the broadcast booth.

Slow and choppy start. Caps looked nervous, or maybe it was just me. There was hardly any space out there as both teams were playing really tight. Caps had the better chances but it was starting to feel like one of those frustrating games that wouldn’t produce a goal. Then Jeff Clarke dribbled into space and unleashed a strike Steven Gerrard would be proud of. What a shot! He knew that was going in and so did everyone in the stadium.

Second goal was a surprise. I love
Gbeke’s anticipation – he always seems to be on the right place.